MPAA Fights the Future

July 14, 2009

gunnery-sergeant-hartman-pointingIts no surprise that the MPAA wants to bust up the most well known sites for file sharing. But, now it seems this is something more than a corporate giant looking to roll over anyone who obviously represents how doomed their outdated business model is.

The MPAA is currently seeking judgment against isoHunt and its founder Gary Fung. Stephen Fabrizio, the MPAA lawyer on the case said:

But the judgment doesn’t go away. If Gary Fung creates a legitimate website, we’ll be there. If he sells that company for $100 million, we’ll be there. For the rest of his life we’ll be able to pursue that judgment.

That doesn’t sound anything like a business just doing business. In fact, that sounds remarkably personal.

Lets be honest about what’s going on here. The MPAA is trying to make an example of isoHunt and Fung. The message they want to send is: we will fuck up your life beyond repair. The thing is that a business that is doing legitimately well takes actions that actually make a difference, it doesn’t need to rely on symbolism. And make no doubt about it, that’s what this is all about and both sides know it. Putting the hurt on Fung’s future isn’t going to change a single detail for the MPAA’s business model by itself, and so they hope that by destroying Fung’s future they can send a message.

Fung knows the nature of the game he’s playing too. He responded:

I’m doing this for the future. When we talk about copyright we should be more forward thinking. It is a huge issue for the culture. The current state of copyright might not be the future state. And there’s increasing adoption of BitTorrent, even by large media. That is a glimpse of the future.”

While we lack Fung’s enormous balls (which, we assume, the MPAA has taken out a restraining order on to avoiding being crushed underneath them) and technical skills we’re all on board with his vision for the future. We also assume the MPAA sees what’s coming as well, or else they wouldn’t be trying to put Fung’s head on a pike for everyone to see.