Are you a lawyer?
Nope. No law school, no aspirations for lawyeryness, we never even tried to impress the ladies by lying about aspirations for the dark arts. Any break down of applicable laws should be taken as ignorant ramblings, or repeating the skilled analysis of a lawyer.

You really just want to pirate everything, don’t you?
No. The goal here is to advocate for copyright law that encourages artistic contributions to our culture. This means balancing the financial incentive of artists with the easy ability to create, distribute and commentate about art.

What’s wrong with the current laws?
To sketch it out briefly (as we’ll be talking about this frequently in longer articles on the blog) but to get down to brass tacks copyright law now errs on the side of the financial incentive to produce art at the expense of suppressing the ability to create and distribute new art as well as the ability to educate, and analyze existing art.

Also, the complexities of copyright law are such that there is no easy way for the average person to easily figure out if what they’re doing is legal or not. Fair use needs to be defined (and in our opinion expanded) so that the average person can easily know if what they’re doing, or want to do is within the bounds of law.

Who are you?
My name is Phil. I like art, coffee, and other things of equal awesomeness.

How can I contact you?
Comment here and if you need a response I’ll email you as long as you leave your real email address, which, naturally will not be given to anyone else, by way of legal fiat.

Isn’t that a tad dramatic?
Well, I did say I enjoy art, didn’t I?


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